Eneku Perfection Slide

Product Overview

Eneku Perfection Slide is the new sliding system from Italy, with a slender design that compliments the Aluminium range. The minimal aesthetics (central node of only 20 mm) are accompanied by innovative technical solutions. The system comes with a thermal break and non-thermal break and we have used the same bars and brackets of the other Aluminium series; the glazing has seals and partial structural seals and the angles are aligned at 45 degrees. The reduced area of the profiles, the greater glazed surface, the possibility of installing double-glazing, and the development of higher quality insulating materials have enabled the ENCRAFT EKU Aluminium SLIDE windows to perform best in terms of thermal transmittance (UW) and light transmission.


  • An elegant and minimal design that match your style.
  • Low thermal transmittance, best performance and luminosity.
  • The possibility of building large glazed surfaces with very heavy sash panels.
  • The maximum simplicity in building and ease to mount.
  • The possibility of completely concealing the frame in the wall or
  • High resistance, minimal maintenance


  • Profile heat transfer: UF =1.1 W/m2k (DG)
  • Noise reduction: 47 dB
  • Air tightness: Class4
  • Water tightness: Class 9A
  • Wind resistance: ClassC4

With the ENCRAFT EKU Aluminium SLIDE system, it is possible to build fixed or sliding windows and doors with one or more sash panels.